Legal Advice For Child Arrangements In Wigan


Legal Advice For Child Arrangements In Wigan is carried out by Houghton Pigot Solicitor’s Family Law Department; trusted to give you a service that meets and exceeds your expectation. If your ‘verbal agreement between parents has broken down, you will need a child arrangement order from the court which sets out the arrangements for a child to live and have contact with each parent.

In Wigan, Houghton Pigot’s Family Law department can deal with your child arrangements who can advise you on your rights to apply to court; preparing the application; arranging for this to be issued and served and arranging representation at the first court appearance. Your specialist solicitor assigned to your case will guide you through the process, while demonstrating the right degree of compassion and understanding in what can be a very emotive subject.

With many years’ experience-they were established in 1990-Houghton Pigot’s legal advice for child arrangement in Wigan is comprehensive. All solicitors in the Family Law Department have the necessary experience to deal with all types of enquiries, through a quality based service that is deemed value for money.

To arrange an appointment to speak to a member of the Family Law Department, call the Wigan office on 01942 241 288.