Find a Probate Solicitor in Mawdesley

Find a Probate Solicitor in MawdesleyYou need to find a probate solicitor in Mawdesley when called upon to serve as executor of a will. Executing the last wishes of the deceased individual can be time and labour intensive and it must be done correctly. Bringing a Houghton Pigot probate solicitor on board will save you the time and research needed to learn the steps to probating a will. With the help of one of our solicitors probate can take between six months and one year. If there are complications such as missing records or a contested will it can take even more than a year. For instance, if the deceased’s life insurance names beneficiaries that are now deceased but had changed the will to name a living family member, you have a long-term complication.

A complication can take the average 80 work hours needed for probate and double it. The answer in Mawdesley; find a probate solicitor at Houghton Pigot.  Some of the services you may be expected to perform as executor is selling real estate, paying debts, distributing proceeds according to the will and carrying out funeral and burial wishes. If there are minor children involved, you must protect their inheritance until they come of age to claim it. As the executor of the deceased’s will, you may be closely scrutinized by other family members. Some may try to influence your decisions based on verbal discussion when the deceased was still living. It’s good to have a solicitor ready to explain the only considerations are those the deceased put in writing.

Find a probate solicitor in Mawdesley by calling Houghton Pigot Solicitors and family law specialists. We are a long established firm with offices in Wigan and Ashton in Makerfield. Our commitment is affordable family law services for our clients. The deceased individual for whom you are serving as executor may have made provision in the will to compensate you and/or the probate attorneys. If not, you may legally withdraw expenses associated with your task from the estate. Contact Houghton Pigot Solicitors to assist you, the executor, with the legal proceedings that accompany probating an estate with or without a will. The task can overwhelm, especially for one who is grieving loss. We can help.