Probate Solicitor in Parbold

Probate Solicitor in ParboldWhenever you have a legal dispute regarding a last testament or will, a probate solicitor in Parbold can help you handle the case. By definition, probate refers to the legal and financial processes that are invoked when dealing with assets of a person who has recently died. The probate itself is not always contentious, but it must always take place before the executor named in the will, or the next of kin, can distribute, sell, transfer or claim any of the assets of the deceased.

Probate can be conducted with or without a will, which is why in Parbold, a probate solicitor is in high demand. The process can be divided into five phases. During the first phase all of the deceased’s assets and liabilities are identified. In the second phase, the inheritance tax is paid to the HMRC if applicable, and an application is submitted to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Representation, which is a document that will attest the legal authority of your probate solicitor. In the third phase, the deceased assets are partly liquidated in order to settle their liabilities, which is then followed by the payment of all other relevant taxes.

In phase four, the probate solicitor in Parbold will prepare the relevant estate accounts which will document all payments that have gone into and out of the estate. The estate account will also show the balance that is left for distribution. After the account has been shared with all of the executors for approval, phase five is initiated, where, if there are no challenges or complications, the assets and remaining balance is distributed to the beneficiaries of the will. If you need help with a probate, the solicitors of Houghton Pigot can use their extensive experience in the field to help you get through this process. Contact us today, and you can settle any initial questions, and perhaps schedule an appointment. A competent solicitor can represent you fairly and ensure that the process goes without a hitch.