Probate Solicitor in Westhoughton

Probate Solicitor in WesthoughtonIt’s best to hire a probate solicitor in Westhoughton to deal with the estate of a deceased family member. Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors is a law firm that approaches probate matters with compassion and understanding. Our Probate and Wills department is headed by Frances Lawlor, our senior partner who works out of the Wigan office, Sue Houghton, her partner, and Mark Duffy, our assistant solicitor. We also have a Probate and Wills department in Ashton, which is head by Jennifer Haigh, who is also assisted by Mark Duffy.

We offer a comprehensive Will making service as a probate solicitor in Westhoughton. Wills are a legal means to ensure that your desires are respected after your death. A will can help reduce the stress of your loved ones, by clearly outlining who will inherit your estate. We offer a straightforward, cost effective consultation service for anyone looking to create a last will. The pricing starts at 100 GBP for individuals, and 150 GBP for couples looking to make mirror wills. The price includes the option of securely depositing the Will with our company and registration with Certainty Will Register. We also provide an emergency service and home and hospital visits by arrangement.

So if you are looking for a probate solicitor in Westhoughton, call us today. We offer a comprehensive service, covering many areas of the legal field, to local communities within the Wigan and Ashton areas. We strive to provide a friendly and professional service that will help you solve any legal issue you may be facing.