Child Arrangement Solicitor in Orrell

Child Arrangement Solicitor in OrrellIf you need the guidance and assistance of a child arrangement solicitor in Orrell, we, at Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors are available to assist you. We have many years of experience in family law, and offer a comprehensive and compassionate service. We are proud of our enviable reputation for quality legal advice at competitive prices. Give us a ring to schedule an appointment with our family law solicitors.

We believe we have the right degree of compassion and understanding needed to find the best solution for your child’s well-being. In Orrell, a child arrangement solicitor will be assigned to you, one who has an in-depth knowledge of the legal procedures. The breakdown of a marriage or relationship is a sad and challenging time, especially for the children involved. It is imperative that their care and well-being is the number one priority regardless of the animosity between the parents. Our solicitor can assist in ensuring what is best for the child is the priority.

A child arrangement solicitor in Orrell can assist you. Should a verbal agreement between the parents fail, and mediation unsuccessful, it will be necessary to apply for a Child Arrangement Order. This order will specify with whom a child lives, spend time and have contact with. Contact Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors for assistance. We will guide you through the process and represent you at all stages.