Employment Law in Shevington

Employment Law in ShevingtonIf you need the assistance of a solicitor who is experienced in employment law in Shevington, Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors is available. We have both the experience and expertise to advise you on all aspects of employment law. If you feel your rights as an employee have been violated, it is best to discuss your case with our experienced employment law solicitor. We have many years of experience in cases concerning unfair dismissal, workplace discrimination and employment tribunal hearings.

As a client in Shevington, our employment law solicitor is available to assist you and guide you. Our employment law solicitor is an expert, and in particular, in employment settlement agreements. Here an individual waives the right to make an employment claim, under agreed terms. This in turn leads to a ‘settlement agreement’ between the employee and employer that must be ‘signed off’ by a specialist employment law solicitor. Our employment law solicitor will provide a legal service that will both meet and exceed your expectations.

Employment law in Shevington solicitors from our team take great pride in the work they do. If you need assistance with an area of employment law, be sure to contact Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors. We have many years of experience in employment law. Our solicitor will provide clear, concise legal advice to reach the right solution for you, and in a cost-effective framework.