Employment Law in Orrell

Employment Law in OrrellHoughton Pigot & Co Solicitors can assist you with any aspect of employment law in Orrell. Our expert solicitor has many years of experience in employment law.  We understand how frustrated you may feel when you have been wronged by an employer and unable to extract a fair resolution. For assistance and professional guidance, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

At Houghton Pigot& Co Solicitors, our solicitors have many years of experience. In Orrell, employment law includes cases on unfair dismissal, discrimination in the workplace and representation at employment tribunal hearings. We can assist you with employment settlement agreements as well as advice and representation in employment tribunal claims.

You can rely on experienced and dedicated employment law in Orrell solicitors. With our proven track record and many years of experience, our solicitor can assist you. If you need guidance in any area of employment law, contact Houghton Pigot& Co Solicitors today. Our employment law solicitor will ensure that you receive clear legal advice. We will work professionally and efficiently on your behalf. Our fees are competitive and you will find that the legal service we provide not only meets your needs but can be considered excellent value for money.