Employment Settlement Agreements in Wigan

Employment Settlement Agreements in WiganEmployment settlement agreements in Wigan, also known as compromise agreements, are a common feature in UK workplaces. These agreements can offer a clean break and financial compensation when employment terminates.  However, it is best to use the services of a solicitor to ensure complete understanding. It is also a legal requirement that you seek advice from a qualified person. Our solicitors are available to assist you when you schedule an appointment.

For our clients in Wigan, employment settlement agreements resolve potential legal claims between employer and employee.  They typically involve a financial payment in exchange for the employee waiving their right to take legal action against the employer, such as for unfair dismissal or discrimination. Our solicitor has a wealth of experience in providing the right advice and guidance concerning employment settlement agreements.

Employee settlement agreements in Wigan offer a guaranteed financial payout upon leaving a role.  They can also provide confidentiality regarding the terms of departure and a reference from the employer.  It is best to speak to a professional before entering into a settlement agreement. Hence, for assistance in this regard, contact Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors. Our solicitors can review the agreement, explain its implications, and ensure it protects your interests.