Family Law in Wigan

Family Law in Wigan Family law in Wigan encompasses a wide range of legal issues arising from family relationships.  It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the welfare of children and ensuring a fair and just resolution of disputes when family dynamics break down. Our solicitors have many years of experience in all aspects of family law. As such, we are available to assist you with divorce, separation, child arrangements and financial settlement.

It is advisable, in Wigan, to instruct a family law solicitor when you want to dissolve your marriage. It is also advisable to use the services of a family law solicitor if there is a dispute regarding child arrangements or financial settlement. You can be sure that our solicitors will provide a professional service that will meet your needs. As such, we also have an enviable reputation, and aim to both meet and surpass your expectations.

Our family law in Wigan solicitors are available to assist you at a challenging time. Contact Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors to schedule an appointment today. We will provide expert guidance, navigate the legalities involved, and advocate for you throughout the process. We will also ensure that you have a clear understanding of the proceedings. Our solicitors understand that this can be an emotionally challenging time. As such, we offer a caring, sympathetic approach, aiming to shoulder some of the burden.